RARE 1St. Edition Dancing Bears
"A Beanie Bear Collectible" Hang Tag
by Liquid Blue

While St Stephen is pictured on this page, Stagger Lee & Bertha
also have the original hang tags and Steven Smith tush tags.!

In August of 1997 the Grateful Dead Beanie Bears were born. All of the Beanie Bears were designed and created by Liquid Blue.

The first version of Grateful Dead hang tags for Edition 1 bears were deemed to be a copyright infringement of the "TY"  beanie bears name. When this was discovered, Liquid Blue changed the hang tag to read "A Bean Bear Collectible".  Only a few of the first edition of 11 bears were made with this very rare "A Beanie Bear Collectible" hang tag. 

Research indicates that only 160 of these First Edition bears with the "infringement" tag were made.  When they came out (1997) we were selling plush items on the web and apparently we were one of the first customers to order and receive these bears with the
 "Infringement" hang tags. 

These bears are all new and have been stored in plastic bins since we
quit selling on the web.


Birthday Tag

 The tush tag say's "Stephen Smith" rather than the usual "Liquid Blue". 

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